Siderokem is a Italian company based in Veneto, near Venice. It is specialized in the formulation, production and supply of industrial water-based detergents for the treatment of metal and plastics parts.

We are a young and flexible reality, based on a solid and long-term expertise in the industrial chemistry and in the industrial washing in particular. We are appreciated by our customers mainly for the honesty, the clarity and the problem-solving mentality that characterize our work. We want our customers to know they can rely on us, we don't want to be just  mere suppliers of detergents, but long-term partner with which to form a real business collaboration .

This is why we formulate each product considering the specific needs of our customers. Standardized products, pre-established catalogues and all purpose cleaners are not for us. From basic and extensively tested  formulations, we customize the detergents according to the requirements of each customer, for an unique product that provides improved results in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency. The careful formulating process, the use of high quality substances, as well as the high content of active, ensure satisfying and consistent quality standards of cleanliness.

Our products are compatible with many different cleaning systems: from spray plants to ultrasound ones, from the simple immersion of the pieces to high-pressure cleaning, we have the ideal solution for you.

We collaborate with companies of all sizes, in Italy and abroad. We can offer solutions for industrial sectors very different from each other. The main ones are :
- Automotive and shipbuilding
- Gold and precious metals in general
- Eyewear
- General and precision engineering 
- Coating of plastics and metals
- Surface treatment and impregnation of metals
- Tumbling and buffing
- Food
- Medical
- Small metal components

In addition to cleaning detergents, we offer to our customers also a wide range of auxiliary products. We can offer resins for demineralised water, mesoporous coal, products for the water purification in general. For our customers in the optical industry , we have pigments and dispersants for the lenses production, as well as thermosetting water-based lacquers for the coating. We have innovative labeling-free solvents, perfect for replacing nitro thinner and ethyl alcohol as an example. We are lastly at your disposal for job-shop cleaning, if required.